The Karachi Aero Club offers flight training courses for people who want to become certified pilots for career and non-career purposes as well as aircraft management services. Our Aircraft Management Service program allows individuals to enjoy the freedom and benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassle of having to find their own Pilot’s, Engineer’s or hangar facility.

While attending our club you will undergo world-class instruction so you get the most up-to-date aviation education available. Your experience at the Karachi Aero Club will include both in-flight training and ground school where you will learn about the fundamentals of flight, emergency operations, CAA regulations, aviation weather and more flying essentials.

We presently operate a fleet of three Cessna training aircraft; Cessna 150, Cessna 152 and Cessna 172.

If you are ready to begin fulfilling your dream of becoming a pilot contact the Karachi Aero Club today! We will be happy to accommodate your schedule and create a flight training program which works for you!