There’s no greater joy than teaching, earn your Flight Instructor’s rating at the Karachi Aero Club and help others realize their dream of becoming pilots. As a Flight Instructor you will be able to provide ground and flight instruction to students and build significant amounts of flight time. Flight Instruction is considered to be one of the most important steps towards building the experience required to join an airline.

Successful completion of our Flight Instructor’s course ensures that you are fully prepared to safely instruct other students in the required aeronautical knowledge and experience to earn their desired CAA Licenses and Ratings.

Because of the globally increased demand for Pilots the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive; Flight Instructional experience is considered “Quality” flight experience and sets you apart from the crowd.

It is not without coincidence that many students who earned their Flight Instructor’s rating at the Karachi Aero Club have gone on to join some of the nation’s best airlines as well as foreign carriers or flight schools.


  • The Flight Instructor’s flying training course is intended to train the applicant to give instruction on single-engine aircraft.
  • The flight instruction shall comprise at least 30 hours of flight training of which 25 hours shall be dual flight instruction. The remaining five hours may be mutual flying (that is, two applicants flying together to practice flight demonstrations). Of the 25 hours, five hours may be conducted in a flight simulator or FNPT (Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer) approved for the purpose by the Authority. The skill test is additional to the course training time.
  • The Flight Instructor shall have acquired the ability to instruct the students on the use of NDB, VOR and ILS (CAT 1).
  • An applicant for a Flight Instructor’s Rating shall demonstrate to an examiner notified by the Authority for this purpose the ability to instruct a student pilot to the level required for the issue of a CPL/IR, including pre-flight, post-flight and theoretical knowledge instruction.
*As per ANO-003-XXLC-2.0

Estimated Cost

Package Cost Details
Package 1 PKR 1,275,000 Cessna Fleet (32 Hours)
Package 2 PKR 1,350,000 Cessna Fleet (32 Hours) + Rating on DA-40D
*Any extra flying that may be required will be charged seperately on an actual basis at the prescribed course hourly rates.

Course Selection Criteria

  • Review of all examination grades by Honorary Secretary and Chief Flying Instructor.
  • Written entry test.
  • Interview with Honorary Secretary and Chief Flying Instructor.
*The Karachi Aero Club (G) Limited does not guarantee any jobs upon successful completion of the course.


The applicant shall have met the knowledge requirements for the issue of a Commercial Pilot’s License; and in addition the applicant shall have demonstrated a level of knowledge appropriate to privileges granted to the holder of a Flight Instructor's Rating in the following areas:

  • Techniques of applied instruction;
  • Assessment of student performance in those subjects in which ground instruction is given;
  • The learning process;
  • Elements of effective teaching;
  • Students evaluation and testing, training philosophies;
  • Training program development;
  • Lesson planning;
  • Classroom instructional techniques;
  • Use of training aids;
  • Analysis and correction of student error;
  • Human performance and limitations relevant to flight instructions and
  • Hazards involved in simulating system failures and malfunctions in the aircraft

Application Process

Application Steps Step Description Step Deadline
Step 1 Application deadline. 25th January 2021
Step 2 Short listed applicants will be called in for a written test. 1st February 2021
Step 3 Applicants who score well in the written test will be asked to give a demonstration
lecture on a given aeronautical knowledge subject.
4th - 6th February 2021
Step 4 Final candidates will be selected for the course. 11th - 13th February 2021
Step 5 Classes begin. 15th February 2021

Flight Instructor's Rating Cost Estimate

Flight Instructor's Rating Package: PKR 990,000

This is a package training course and PKR 990,000 includes:

  • Ground instruction
  • 30 hours of flight training; split between the Cessna 172 and Cessna 150
  • A 2 hour checkride

Payment Schedule

Payments Amount Deadline
First Payment PKR 390,000 13th February 2021
Second Payment PKR 600,000 When the flight training portion of the course begins.

* The flight instructors rating course must be completed within the time allotted by the CAA.

**The Karachi Aero Club (G) Limited does not guarantee employment based on enrolment or successful completion of the flight instructors rating course, however the Karachi Aero club does not let good talent be wasted.

In the event that a lesson needs to be repeated or an applicant needs additional flight training, that expense will be borne by the individual at the following hourly rates:

Aircraft Rate
Cessna 150 PKR 41,500 (Karachi Aero Club Members)
PKR 42,500 (Non-Members/Check Flights)
Cessna 172 PKR 49,500 (Karachi Aero Club Members)
PKR 50,500 (Non-Members/Check Flights)

* The package cost of PKR 990,000 does not include CAA exam fees, CAA medical fees or CAA license fees. The current rates for these items may be found on the CAA website.

Getting your Flight Instructor’s Rating

In order to begin training for your Commercial Pilot’s License at the Karachi Aero Club, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have an educational qualification of at least Intermediate or the equalivalent.
  • Be able to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language.
  • Hold a valid CAA Commercial Pilot’s License or ATPL.
  • Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate from the CAA.

The Karachi Aero Club is the subcontinent’s oldest flying institution and provides only the most professional flight training available. While attending our club you will undergo world-class instruction so you get the most up-to-date aviation education available. Your experience at the Karachi Aero Club will include both in-flight training and ground school where you will learn about the fundamentals of flight, emergency operations, CAA regulations, aviation weather and more flying essentials.

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